Heather's Notes

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18 Sep 2010
03:52:17 PM

Just stopped by to see how you are doing. Hope school is going ok. I'll call you shortly. LY H-
05 Sep 2010
08:30:59 PM

Mia says hello and she wishes she could have been at Brice's birthday party. Hope all is well with you. Talk with you soon. H-
01 Sep 2010
12:32:06 PM

Heather, Just stopped by to see how you are doing. I hope that all of the stuff going on right now does not get you upset with your mom. I will make her very happy as she will me. We both do deserve this after so many years of unhappiness on both sides. Believe it or not this was always meant to be. We were always destined to be back with each other. I have never been able to love anyone as I have Berta. Thanks to you, I am finally happy again. I Love you always. Your Dad and Buddy Hasson. XO
28 Aug 2010
11:16:53 AM

Heather, Had a great time lastnight. Mike seems to be a pretty cool guy. Hopefully he is as cool as he seems. We will see each other again soon. YD H-
24 Aug 2010
08:11:09 PM

Hey, Have you thought of some names for your website you want me to create?
24 Aug 2010
11:55:59 AM

ok that sounds cool can't wate to see ya.... heather
24 Aug 2010
04:05:43 AM

Heather , If i can find the time i think i may take a ride up to your area. I want check the hotels among other things. I'll talk with you on this this week. See Ya P.S. "Poppy" that was funny. :`)
23 Aug 2010
01:23:34 PM

miss u guys and love you lots to . hope to see you guys soon...
22 Aug 2010
02:42:35 AM

21 Aug 2010
04:42:10 PM

You are my first daughter. I will do everything I am able to, to help you when you need it. Have fun at the fair. Love Ya Always H-
20 Aug 2010
07:26:31 PM

Heather hope you have a good time at your concert. Mia say's Hello. She likes this picture of you two. Looking forward to visiting you again. Talk to ya soon. H-
19 Aug 2010
05:56:20 AM

Hope you're okay with this site. I promise not get you in the middle of this. Good night Heather.
19 Aug 2010
01:46:08 AM

Heather, I hope that all of the stuff that is happening right will not last too long. I just want to make your mom very happy. I know this will be hard in the beginning, but everybody will have to get used to the idea that I love your mom and I will do everything I can to make her happy. I owe that to her and to myself as well. H-
18 Aug 2010
01:59:08 AM

I Love You Heather. Always Your Other Dad. :-) Hasson